Confined Space Rescue (CSR)

Confined Space Rescue

Ziron offers confined space rescue (CSR) services for your company or job site. All Ziron-CSR members are federally certified after completing a 40hour confined space rescue class. The training they receive is rigorous and extensive taking place in and out of the classroom over the course of five days. This training includes real life scenarios and uses different sorts of confined spaces that we may encounter. It also includes rope rescues and technical rescues that far exceed the industry standard for training. Our confined space rescue team also has 10hr/30hr OSHA card, 40hr HAZWOPER certification and 8 hour confined space entry training.

After being certified in CSR, new members to our CSR team will go through an evaluation process with the head of our confined space rescue team making sure that the understanding and importance of a rescue team on standby is fully understood. Training doesn't stop once out of the classroom for our team, they are continually going through training and updates throughout the year to ensure that they are not only prepared for new industry standards but to meet and exceed them.

Ziron not only offers a highly skilled and trained confined space rescue team for your company but also has the tools to get the job done. Our above industry standard custom confined space rescue trailers are equipped with all the necessary tools to make sure if a rescue is necessary there will never be the excuse of not having the right tool for the job. We offer these services standing by our motto of 'minimizing risk, maximizing productivity' to make sure that if a rescue needs to be performed, Ziron will always be up to perform the rescue safely and efficiently.